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NEW Version 11
Predator Travelers Software Overview

Version 11 Improvements and Bug Fixes

January 24th 2017 - Predator Travelers v11.0.7 is released

This new version includes the following improvements:

  • Adds Windows 2016 Server support
  • Improved installation
  • Improved missing resources dialog
  • Improved splash screen for multiple DPI settings
  • Fixed a bug with FLM licensing on most Windows OSes

NOTE: We still have a FLM licensing problem with Windows 10.

October 29th 2016 - Predator Travelers v11.0.6 is released

This new version includes the following improvements:

  • Adds Complex Predator Passwords
  • Adds Importing of 29 component attachments
  • Adds Microsoft SQL Server 2014 support
  • Adds Oracle 12c support
  • Adds Windows 2012 Server support
  • Adds Windows 10 support
  • Adds Active Directory support
  • Adds new command line arguments
  • Improved Travelers APIs
  • Improved international languages
  • Improved password and login dialogs
  • Improved Importing
  • Improved Format Strings
  • Improved View Components
  • Improved User Report
  • Improved Splash screen
  • Improved Online Help
  • New Install

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