Why Predator Software?

Since 1994, we have focused on automating manufacturers worldwide with innovative and award-winning software applications. Today we are an industry leader in shop floor control or SFC. Predator's SFC technologies include CNC networking, machine monitoring, document management, data collection, machine simulation and verification, tool and gage crib management, traveler management and robotic cell manufacturing.

Predator Software, located in Beaverton, Oregon is focused on the development of applications and solutions that empower manufacturers to be leaner, more competitive and productive. From our experienced and dedicated staff to our own internal systems for development, testing, sales, and support, Predator Software is committed to investing in the resources it takes to remain the recognized industry leader in shop floor automation technologies.

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Team Predator

Predator Software

Pictured from left to right: John, Ken, Joshua, Jim, Bob, Dale, Len, Daniel, Mike, Jerry, Mark, Morgan, Dale, Cheryl, Jennifer and Mike.

NOTE: Not pictured: Tim, Steve, Josep, Arthur, Ray, Neil, Kevin, Mark, Glenn, Joe, Sarah and Elizabeth.

Vision Statement

Predator Software automates discrete manufacturers with an integrated suite of shop floor control software, hardware and services.

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"Every day more and more manufacturing companies rely on Predator applications and expertise to increase their manufacturing productivity and profitability."

Jim Abbassian
President and Co-Founder
Predator Software Inc.