About Predator Software

Company Photo

Pictured from left to right: John, Ken, Joshua, Jim, Bob, Dale, Len, Daniel, Mike, Jerry, Mark, Morgan, Dale, Cheryl, Jennifer and Mike. Not pictured: Tim, Steve, Josep, Arthur, Ray, Neil, Kevin, Mark, Glenn, Joe, Sarah and Elizabeth.

We are located in Beaverton, Oregon and look forward to your visit. Until then we will continue empowering manufacturers with Predator software, hardware and services.

Company History

1994 - Jim Abbassian and Tim Anderson launch company from Tim's basement
1995 - Release Predator CNC Editor, hired first employee and moved to first office in Portland, Oregon
1996 - Released Predator DNC and multiple DNC hardware products
1997 - Released first web site and Predator Desktop (was relaunched as Predator DNC Enterprise years later)
1998 - Released Predator Grizzly Cables and Predator Bar Code Readers
1999 - Acquired NSee and relaunched it as Predator Virtual CNC
2000 - Launched Predator MDC and completed 2 acquisitions
2001 - Launched Predator Gage Crib
2002 - Launched Predator Travelers
2003 - Launched Wireless DNC hardware
2004 - Combined Predator Tool Crib and Gage Crib and re-launched as Predator Tracker
2005 - Launched Predator MDC Adapters and first Predator CD was released
2006 - Launched Predator FLM
2009 - Launched Predator PDM
2010 - Launched eSupport web site with new corporate web site
2011 - Acquired CellMaster software and Fanuc 6 Axis Robot. Relaunched software as Predator RCM
2012 - Acquired a building and moved to Beaverton, Oregon and released Predator CNC Service
2013 - Launched ecommerce site www.buypredatorsoftware.com
2014 - Acquired Sharper Solutions to expand sales and service teams
2015 - Launched Predator Touch HMI and Predator MDC for Android
2016 - Launched Predator MDC Executive and 5 Year Predator Hardware Warranty
2017 - Acquired Haas 3 Axis CNC and launched Predator MDC Export Service
2018 - Acquired OmegaPost software and ABB 6 Axis Robot. Rebranded software as Predator Post Processor