Predator Virtual CNC Software 3D Machine Simulation & Verification
2-5 Axis Mills, Lathes, Mill/Turns, Lasers, Waterjets & Routers

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Predator Virtual CNC

What is Predator Virtual CNC?

Predator Virtual CNC is software designed to simulate and verify operation of your CNC machines on your PC. By simulating the machining process off line you literally save thousands of dollars in lost time, scrapped parts, broken tools and machine crashes while improving overall machine productivity.

Why use Predator Virtual CNC?

Running a profitable manufacturing shop floor is challenging. And keeping it productive is tough work. Those that succeed embrace technology. Thousands of manufacturers and job shops rely on Predator Virtual CNC to keep their CNC machines running reliably while minimizing errors.

  • Prove out processes offline
  • Simplify CNC Setup
  • Minimize Waste
  • Organize release to shop floor process
  • Reduces tooling costs
  • Saves coolant and raw materials
  • Reduces wear and tear
  • Verify surface finish
  • Verify feature dimensions
  • Confirm tool motion and clearances
  • Get started quickly and easily

Choose from four editions:

  • Predator Virtual CNC 2 Axis
  • Predator Virtual CNC 3 Axis
  • Predator Virtual CNC 4 Axis
  • Predator Virtual CNC 5 Axis

Includes the following features

  • 2 Axis, 3 Axis, 4 Axis and 5 Axis CNC Machines
  • Mills, Lathes, Mill/Turns, Lasers, Waterjets and Routers
  • Solids based Verification and Simulation
  • Micro Machining support (Supports Millionths)
  • G and M code
  • APTCL, NCI and INC support
  • Error and Collision Detection
  • Part Inspection prior to machining
  • Includes support for over 150 CNCs
  • User configurable Reverse Post Processor
  • Automatic Gouge Detection
  • Multiple parts, fixtures, tombstones and processes
  • Advanced tooling
  • Complex stock and fixtures
  • CAD Compare for "Designed vs. Machined"
  • Machine simulation
  • Integrated Editor
  • Predator API and ActiveX development platform
  • 230+ Online help topics

2, 3, 4 & 5 Axis CNC Mills, Lathes, Lasers, Waterjets & Routers

Predator Virtual CNC™ supports all standard vertical, horizontal and complex machine configurations with 2 to 5 axis. User definable machine tool configurations with our flexible reverse post processors allows standard VMCs and HMCs to be supported. Standard milling, turning and drilling cycles are all supported. Advanced cycles include subs, macros, variables, trig and logic codes are all supported.

3 Axis Mold and Die Machining

Predator Virtual CNC's Turbo Milling technology is optimized for 3-axis surface machining. Processing speeds can be up to 20,000 blocks per second, while retaining the accuracy that you would expect.

Predator Virtual CNC - 3 Axis Mold and Die

Complex 4 and 5 Axis Machining

Full support for simultaneous 4 and 5 axis machining on mills and mill/turn machines. Optionally define your entire machine for full collision detection of any moving part. Support for rotary heads, rotary tables, nutated heads, nutated tables and multiple spindles are all supported.

Predator Virtual CNC - Machine Simulation

2, 3, 4 & 5 Axis Lathes and Mill/Turn Machines

Predator Virtual CNC™ supports 2, 3, 4 & 5 axis turning and complex Mill/Turn machines with live C and Y axis motion. User definable machine tool configurations combined with our comprehensive library of reverse post processors allows standard HTLs and VTLs to be supported. Standard lathe facing, turning, threading, grooving, roughing and drilling cycles are all supported.

NOTE: Predator Virtual CNC™ does not support pinch turning, sub spindle transfers, parts catchers and swiss style turning.

CNC Lathe Turning

G & M Codes and APTCL Support via Configurable Reverse Post

Predator Virtual CNC includes 150+ reverse posts to get you started. A 230+ page reverse post manual documents all of the options available to support a wide range of CNC machines. Specific reverse posts to each of your machines can also be purchased.

MasterCAM and SurfCAM Support

Predator Virtual CNC support's MasterCAM NCI files and SurfCAM INC files.

Error and Collision Detection

  • Gouge detection
  • CNC program syntax errors
  • Coolant checking
  • Spindle checking
  • Rapid collisions
  • Tool collisions
  • Tool shank collisions
  • Tool holder collisions
  • Fixture collisions
  • Rotary table collisions
  • Rotary head collisions
  • Spindle collisions
  • Machine collisions

Part Inspection prior to actual machining

Predator Virtual CNC™ provides animated simulation of the machining process. Seeing how the tool behaves under program control provides great reassurance that there are no gross errors in the program and makes the cause of smaller errors easier to diagnose. Rapid zoom, rotate, pan and cross-sectioning of solid model views allows errors to be seen, even if they are hidden from the original view or are inside the part.

Predator Virtual CNC™ includes feature based inspection and inspection capability. Feature based inspection measures part features, dimensions and the relationship between separate features. Predator Virtual CNC™ recognizes edges, arcs, cylinders, planes, surfaces and cones. To select a feature, all you need to do is click on the feature using the mouse

Predator Virtual CNC - Part Inspection

CAD Compare for "Designed vs. Machined"

Predator Virtual CNC includes an option to compare the machined part back to the designed part within any tolerance. Users can define a tolerance above and below which excess material in green and gouges are shown in red. The tolerance can be adjusted at any time without reprocessing the job. Using Predator's CAD Compare™ capability in conjunction with Part inspection allows deviations from the design model to be measured at any point on the part surface.

Predator Virtual CNC - CAD Compare

Complex Tooling, Stock and Fixtures

Predator Virtual CNC includes support for 10 standard milling tool types and 10 standard turning tool types. Custom tool shapes, custom tool shanks, and custom holders are all supported. An unlimited number of tool libraries provides tool kits per machine, per customer, etc.

Predator Virtual CNC supports 10 standard stock and fixture shapes. Complex stock and fixtures can be importing via STL files. Full collision detection is supported for chucks, jaws, face plates, tail stocks, tombstones, pallets, clamps, vices, etc.

Integrated Editor

Edit CNC programs within Predator Virtual CNC and reprocess the simulation at any time. Set global or line specific breakpoints to debug complex CNC programming challenges.

Predator API and ActiveX SDK

Predator Virtual CNC includes an open development and comprehensive API (application programming interface) with 300+ methods all fully documented. Even easier is an ActiveX control that you can drop into your existing project. Several source code examples are available and you have the flexibility of using C++, VB, VB script, Delphi and other compatible programming languages.

Predator Virtual CNC - Part Numbers

Part # Description
20300020 Predator Virtual CNC – 2 Axis Lathe Only
20300030 Predator Virtual CNC – 3 Axis Mill+Lathe
20300040 Predator Virtual CNC – 4 Axis Mill+Lathe
20300050 Predator Virtual CNC – 5 Axis Mill+Lathe

Predator Virtual CNC Options - Part Numbers

Part # Description
20309000 Predator CAD Compare - STL
20309020 Predator Virtual Machine – 2 Axis Lathe
20309030 Predator Virtual Machine – 3 Axis Mill + Lathe
20309040 Predator Virtual Machine – 4 Axis Mill + Lathe
20309050 Predator Virtual Machine – 5 Axis Mill + Lathe
29900000 Predator Floating License Manager - Learn more >

Predator Virtual CNC Express - Part Numbers

Part # Description
20303050 Predator Virtual CNC Express

Predator Virtual CNC


  • 50 Line Limit or
  • 45 Day Full Evaluation or
  • Unlock with Purchase

Assembled in the USA

Assembled in the USA

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