Latest Predator News - 2017

January 9th 2017 - New! Predator Local Service

Predator Software announces a new onsite service available in 55 US and Canadian cities. Predator Local Service is available for the following:

  • Add a CNC machine, PLC or robot to an existing system
  • Troubleshoot a problematic CNC machine, PLC or robot
  • Predator application training

Customers can purchase a day of Predator Local Service from our ecommerce site via buy now call 503-292-7151 press 3 for scheduling or to check availability.

January 7th 2017 - Predator Software supports Windows 2016 Server

Predator Software announces support for Windows 2016 Server with the release of version 11 Predator applications. However, deployment of Windows 2016 Server must include an extensive review of device drivers. Device driver compatibility with Windows 2016 Server is very limited at this time. This situation will improve though out 2017 and we will update the downloads page with the details.

January 4th 2017 - Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.67 is released

Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.67 has been released. This minor update adds a few features and improves several existing protocols:

  • 40 New Fanuc Variables
  • 40 New Okuma Variables
  • New MTConnect URL Browser
  • New non-Administrator mode for the Manager
  • Improved MTConnect support for override tags
  • Improved MTConnect execution tag support
  • Improved MTConnect controllermode tag support
  • Improved Secure HID™ communication protocol
  • Improved trace logging within the Fanuc protocol
  • Improved tray application
  • Improved version logging
  • Fixed a bug with testing and environment variables
Predator CNC Service software

Customers on software maintenance can download and install v11.0.0.67 of Predator CNC Service from our ftp site at any time. Customers running v10 or older of Predator CNC Service should contact their local Predator VAR or Micah Hostynek at for upgrade details and pricing.