Why Predator Software?

Predator Software Overview

1. Continous Engineering

  • 185 product releases in the last 5 years
  • Engineer better manufacturing processes with software designed for automation
  • We care about the details

2. Commitment

  • Since 1994, Predator Software continuously invests in our customers, resellers, industry partners and employees
  • We own 100% of our source code
  • We own our building, two 6 axis robots and a 3 axis CNC
  • We work hard to provide a wide range of customer services

3. Customer Value

  • Customers can own the software as an asset
  • Customers can re-sell the software to another manufacturer or division
  • Customers can upgrade at any time with 100% software trade-in policy

4. Finances

  • Cash flow positive since inception
  • Self funded with no debt since 1994

5. Growth

  • Six major company or product acquisitions
  • Grown from one initial product to a suite of products and services

6. Team

  • 27 Predator employees and 20+ resellers worldwide
  • Average employee tenure is 8 years

The Bottom Line

Manufacturing automation is the best investment manufacturers can make. Everyone at Predator Software looks forward to being your partner in the journey.