Predator Technical Support

A wide range of support services, downloads and upgrades are available from your local Predator reseller or Predator Software. At Predator Software, support is available from 5am - 5pm PST Monday - Friday. The most common technical support questions are answered below.

Predator Knowledge Base Articles

The following Predator Knowledge Base Articles are available to help troubleshoot issues.

NOTE: Predator applications, utilities and driver downloads have been moved to a separate downloads section.

Internet based Support

eSupport allows a Predator engineer, with your permission, to view and optionally control your PC over the internet. To start an eSupport call simply call the office at 503-292-7151 option 3 for support.

Support Contacts

The following directory of personnel are available to support current Predator Software maintenance customers.

Name Email Extension Cell
Andy Trombley 1130 503-935-7878
Brian Ross N/A 971-279-0511
Dale Poisel 1116 503-709-4229
Daniel Eischens 1125 505-490-8995
Eric Hildebrand 1102 503-724-7227
Glenn Sharp 1105 740-317-4888
Jeff Catlin 1121 503-956-0561
Jim Abbassian 1109 503-516-5177
Joe Buttle 1126 740-317-3410
John Slowey 1104 503-516-0774
John Mullins 1128 404-416-5141
John Warner 1110 740-317-4650
Len McCloud 1120 503-475-7117
Mike Rogers 1117 847-612-7194
Mike Sizemore 1106 503-708-4749

Direct contact is encouraged to follow up or to help close a specific support issue. To initiate a new support issue email us at or call the main line at 503-292-7151 extension 3.

Upgrade your existing Predator system

Upgrades to your existing Predator system could be as simple as adding additional machines or adding new capabilities by upgrading to Predator DNC, Predator PDM, Predator MDC, Predator Tracker or Predator RCM. To initiate an upgrade contact us at or call the main line at 503-292-7151 option 1.