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NEW Version 11
Predator Tracker Software Overview

Version 11 Improvements & Bug Fixes

May 12th 2017 - Predator Tracker v11.0.52 is released

Predator Tracker v11.0.52 has been released. This minor release adds several new features as requested by our end users.

Refer to the the following improvements:

  • Adds Importing Users with Windows Authentication support
  • Adds Windows Authentication as a global password option
  • Adds New Users with Windows Authentication support
  • Adds Edit Users with Windows Authentication support
  • Simplified initial database creation
  • Improves international language resources
  • Improves Set Default Crib Location wizards
  • Improves Importing crib location history
  • Improves Assign crib location wizard
  • Improves View Kit titlebar and default display
  • Improves New Events Touch refresh when switching machines
  • Improves New Events Touch default font color
  • Improves -viewkitfromtoolno dialog is now centered.
  • Improves switching back to Predator passwords
  • Improves Online Help
  • Improves Password recovery mode
  • Improves language resource file loading
  • Fixes a bug with FLM licensing on Windows 10, 2012 Server and 2016 Server

Customers on software maintenance can download and install v11.0.52 of Predator Tracker from our ftp site at any time. Customers running v10 of Predator Tracker should contact their local Predator VAR or Micah Hostynek at for upgrade details and pricing.

October 30th 2016 - Predator Tracker v11.0.38 is released

This major new version includes the following improvements:

  • Adds View Kit Window
  • Adds Assembled Kits Report
  • Adds Quote Request Report
  • Adds Importing Default Crib Locations
  • Adds Balluff RFID support
  • Adds Complex Predator Passwords
  • Adds Importing of 29 component attachments
  • Adds Microsoft SQL Server 2014 support
  • Adds Oracle 12c support
  • Adds Windows 2012 Server support
  • Adds Windows 10 support
  • Adds Active Directory support
  • Adds new command line arguments
  • Improved Check In and Check Out Windows
  • Improved Purchase Requests
  • Improved View Cutters and Inserts
  • Improved View Tools, Gages and Kits
  • Improved Kit Components Details Report
  • Improved Format Strings
  • Improved Charts
  • Improved Current Inventory Quantities History
  • Improved Importing
  • Improved Select Criteria
  • Improved Edit Inventory Quantities
  • Improved Tracker APIs
  • Improved international languages
  • Improved password and login dialogs
  • Improved View Components
  • Improved User Report
  • Improved Splash screen
  • Improved Online Help
  • New Install

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