Predator Technical Support Services

Predator Premier Support

Predator Premier Support provides technical support services over the phone or internet to ensure day to day success. Let's get started with the following technical support options:

Predator Premier Support is available by subscribing to an annual technical support and software maintenance agreement. Additional benefits include the following:

  • Technical support and optional remote screen share for the current and previous major software versions
  • Technical support and optional remote screen share for hardware purchased from Predator Software
  • Passwords for Predator Downloads for version 11 and 10
  • Upgrade the # of machines for the price difference. For example, upgrade a Predator DNC/40 to Predator DNC/48
  • Upgrade applications for the price difference. For example, upgrade a Predator DNC/40 to Predator MDC/40
  • 50% discount on hourly remote service rates - Professional Services
  • Prioritized bug fixes for Predator applications, utilities and firmware - Submit a Bug
  • Prioritized new feature requests - Suggest a New Feature
  • Optional offsite backup storage of customer configuration files on Predator servers
  • Request a PDF of the Predator Premier Support Agreement with additional details

Large account customers with a subscription to Predator Premier Support receive the following optional benefits, upon request:

  • Authoring customer specific SSP (Security System Plan)
  • Answering customer specific security/risk assessment questionnaires
  • Encrypted FIPS 140-2 level 3 secure data storage of customer's CUI data
  • Annual NIC based license(s) for Windows virtual machine instance(s)
  • Development and test environment licenses of Predator applications
  • Optional Customer Service Portal and support site with 1750+ support documents

NOTE: Premier Predator Support does not include onsite services or Predator Professional Services.

Predator Self Help Articles

100+ Predator Self Help Articles covering a wide range of technical details, references and processes are available on this web site to help support and troubleshoot Predator application issues.

Predator Premier Support Contacts

The following directory of Predator personnel are available to provide Predator Premier Support for subscribers. Direct contact is encouraged to follow up or to help close an existing case or ticket. To initiate a new case or ticket, call 503-292-7151 and press option 3, create a Case or Ticket or email us at

Name Email Extension Cell
Andy Trombley 1130 503-935-7878
Darin Weatherbee 1116 503-475-7117
Devin Hildebrand 1125 N/A
Jim Abbassian 1109 503-516-5177
Joe Buttle 1126 740-317-3410
John Slowey 1104 503-516-0774
John Warner 1110 740-317-4650
Mike Rogers 1117 847-612-7194

Free Support

Customers without a subscription to Predator Premier Support can utilize the following free options:

  • Predator Online Help: Press F1 within each Predator application: most have 200-400 help topics
  • Predator PDF Documentation: Review materials provided during implementation
  • Predator Web Site: 270+ tips are provided on this web site
  • 100+ Predator Self Help Articles covering a wide range of Predator technical details and references
  • Predator Licenses per Customer Report: call or email us to request
  • Google it: An ever expanding resource of information is provided via forums and web sites
  • Third party resources: Often Predator applications are used with third party PC hardware, CNC machines, robots, PLCs, CMMs and test stands. Each third party provides additional support options

Customers without a current subscription to Premier Predator Support can call us at 503-292-7151 option 1 or email us at to subscribe.