Predator Consulting™ Services

Consulting services from Predator consultants averaging 25+ years of manufacturing experience are available to solve your shop floor automation, CNC, networking and data collection problems worldwide. Rely on us to get your issues solved affordably and on time.

Predator Consulting Services

Over the years, projects have been completed by Predator experts in Asia, Europe and the Americas. The following examples are typical:

Functional Specifications

Complex DNC, CNC networking, MDC, real-time manufacturing data collection, CNC simulation or shop floor automation projects require solid functional specifications. Detailed written specification of the desired behaviors and requirements provide a foundation to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

Implementation Plans

Planning an implementation of a complex project often requires engineering, IT, production, and maintenance departments to coordinate efforts along with one or more vendors to achieve success. A written implementation plan details responsibilities and timelines to complete complex DNC, MDC or shop floor automation project.


Complex shop floor systems must be tested and validated to ensure government and industry regulations such as the FDA's 21 CFR Part 11 are met. Finally, validation efforts can pay significant rewards during audits and certification efforts.

Lean Manufacturing

Improving productivity while simplifying manufacturing processes is at the heart of all of our products and services. Predator technology, like most, is typically underutilized. Leverage our skills to maximize your investment on your road to leaner manufacturing.