Predator Virtual CNC™ for Heidenhain CNCs

Predator Virtual CNC with Heidenhain CNC

Complete Heidenhain CNC support with Predator Virtual CNC Software

Predator Virtual CNC provides complete conversational based 3D CNC verification and machine simulation support for all Heidenhain CNC models. Within Predator Virtual CNC, maximize the performance and capabilities of each Heidenhain CNC model and ensure that the proper part gets machined each time.

Predator Virtual CNC includes support for all major Heidenhain conversational and M-codes standard. Not all Heidenhain functions are available for all Heidenhain models and M-codes will vary with each machine builder. Support for specific Heidenhain Conversational functions and M-codes can be adjusted within every Predator Reverse Post Processor.

Heidenhain Conversational support

Predator Virtual CNC includes support for the following Heidenhain functions:

Function Description
Begin Units
C Circular
CALL LBL Sub Program Call
CALL PGM External Sub Program Call
CC Circular Center
CC Circular Polar
CR Circular
CT Linear
CTP Circular Polar
CYCL CALL Cycle Call
CYCL CALL POS Cycle Call Position
CYCL DEF 1.0 Peck Drill Cycle
CYCL DEF 1.1 Peck Drill Cycle
CYCL DEF 1.2 Peck Drill Cycle
CYCL DEF 1.3 Peck Drill Cycle
CYCL DEF 1.4 Peck Drill Cycle
CYCL DEF 1.5 Peck Drill Cycle
CYCL DEF 2.0 Drill Cycle
CYCL DEF 2.1 Drill Cycle
CYCL DEF 2.2 Drill Cycle
CYCL DEF 2.3 Drill Cycle
CYCL DEF 2.4 Drill Cycle
CYCL DEF 3.0 Slot Cycle
CYCL DEF 3.1 Slot Cycle
CYCL DEF 3.2 Slot Cycle
CYCL DEF 3.3 Slot Cycle
CYCL DEF 3.4 Slot Cycle
CYCL DEF 3.5 Slot Cycle
CYCL DEF 3.6 Slot Cycle
CYCL DEF 4.0 Rectangle Cycle
CYCL DEF 4.1 Rectangle Cycle
CYCL DEF 4.2 Rectangle Cycle
CYCL DEF 4.3 Rectangle Cycle
CYCL DEF 4.4 Rectangle Cycle
CYCL DEF 4.5 Rectangle Cycle
CYCL DEF 4.6 Rectangle Cycle
CYCL DEF 5.0 Circular Pocket
CYCL DEF 5.1 Circular Pocket
CYCL DEF 5.2 Circular Pocket
CYCL DEF 5.3 Circular Pocket
CYCL DEF 5.4 Circular Pocket
CYCL DEF 5.5 Circular Pocket
CYCL DEF 7.0 Datum Shift
CYCL DEF 7.1 Datum Shift
CYCL DEF 7.2 Datum Shift
CYCL DEF 7.3 Datum Shift
CYCL DEF 9.0 Dwell
CYCL DEF 9.1 Dwell
CYCL DEF 10.0 Rotation
CYCL DEF 10.1 Rotation
CYCL DEF 11.0 Scaling
CYCL DEF 11.1 Scaling
CYCL DEF 17.0 Peck
CYCL DEF 17.1 Peck
CYCL DEF 17.2 Peck
CYCL DEF 17.3 Peck
CYCL DEF 19.0 Rotation
CYCL DEF 19.1 Rotation
CYCL DEF 26.0 Scaling
CYCL DEF 26.1 Scaling
CYCL DEF 200 Drill
CYCL DEF 201 Ream
CYCL DEF 202 Bore
CYCL DEF 203 Drill
CYCL DEF 205 Peck
CYCL DEF 208 Bore
CYCL DEF 210 Slot
CYCL DEF 211 Circular Pocket
CYCL DEF 212 Rectangle
CYCL DEF 213 Stud Finish
CYCL DEF 214 Circular Finish Pocket
CYCL DEF 215 Circular Stud Finish
CYCL DEF 240 Centering
CYCL DEF 247 Work Coordinates
CYCL DEF 251 Rectangle
CYCL DEF 252 Circular Pocket
CYCL DEF 253 Slot
CYCL DEF 254 Circular Slot
DR Circular Sense
END Program End
END PGM Sub Program Return
FMAX Maximum Feed
FN 14 Error
FN 18 System Read
FN 26 Open Table
FN 27 Write Table
FN 28 Read Table
FN 32 Axis
L Linear
LBL Label
LCT Linear
LN Linear
LP Linear Polar
LT Linear
Q1 4th Axis
Q2 5th Axis
Q115 Current X Axis
Q116 Current Y Axis
Q117 Current Z Axis
Q118 Current 4th Axis
Q119 Current 5th Axis
Q120 Current 5th Axis
Q122 Current 4th Axis
Q200 Initial Z
Q201 Depth
Q202 Peck Z
Q203 Position Z
Q204 Retract Z
Q205 Minimum Plunge
Q206 Plunge Feed
Q207 Helical Feed
Q208 Retract Feed
Q209 Stepover Feed
Q210 Top Dwell
Q211 Bottom Dwell
Q212 Decrement Feed
Q213 Retract Breaks
Q214 Disengage Direction
Q215 Machine Operation
Q216 X Position
Q217 Y Position
Q218 X Dimension
Q219 Y Dimension
Q220 Pocket Radius
Q221 Y Allowance
Q223 Pocket Diameter
Q224 Angle
Q225 Start X
Q226 Start Y
Q227 Start Z
Q339 Datum Setting
R Radius
R0 Cancel Cutter Compensation
RL Left Cutter Compensation
RND Round
RR Right Cutter Compensation
STOP Operation Stop
TOOL DEF Define Tool

Heidenhain M-code support

Predator Virtual CNC includes support for the following Heidenhain M-codes:

M Code Description
M0 Operation Stop
M1 Program Stop
M2 Program End
M3 Spindle CW
M4 Spindle CCW
M5 Spindle Stop
M6 Load Tool
M8 Coolant On
M9 Coolant Off
M13 Spindle CW
M14 Spindle CCW
M30 Program End
M91 Spindle CW
M99 Sub Program Call
M126 Enable Rotary
M127 Disable Rotary
M128 Enable Rotary Compensation
M129 Disable Rotary Compensation

NOTE: Heidenhain M-codes are specific to the machine builder.

Heidenhain Math and Advanced support

Predator Virtual CNC includes support for the following Heidenhain functions:

Function Description
Q# Variables
+ Addition
- Subtraction
* Multiplication
/ Division
^ Exponent
SQRT Square Root
MOD Modulus
OR Or boolean
XOR Xor boolean
AND And boolean
EQ Equal condition
NE Not Equal condition
GT Greater Than condition
LT Less Than condition
GE Greater than or Equal condition
LE Less than or Equal condition
SIN Sine function
COS Cosine function
TAN Tangent function
ATAN Arctangent function
ABS Absolute function
ROUND Round function
LN Log function
EXP Exponent function
IF IF funtion
WH or WHILE While function
DO Do loop function
END End loop function
GOTO Goto jump function
GOTOLBL Goto label function

NOTE: Advanced Heidenhain functions may have to be purchased from Heidenhain or from the machine builder.