Predator Virtual CNC™ for APTCL

APTCL support with Predator Virtual CNC Software

Predator Virtual CNC provides comprehensive APTCL or CLDATA based 3D CNC verification and machine simulation support based on the ISO 4343 standard. Within Predator Virtual CNC, maximize the performance and capabilities of existing APTCL or CLDATA based post processors to ensure that parts get machined correctly the first time.

Predator Virtual CNC includes support for most major and minor APTCL words and elements. Support for APTCL based mills, lathes and millturn style CNC machines are supported. Finally, support for APTCL flavors can be adjusted within every Predator Reverse Post Processor. For example, FINI is not included within ISO 4343, but support for FINI is standard within Predator Virtual CNC.

Supported ATPCL words

Word Description
$ Concatenation
AIR Current air definition
APPLY Specifies machine operation/class definition
ARCSLP Specifies helical tool motion to the next MOVARC
CHUCK Current chuck definition
CIRCLE Circular motion
CLAMP Current fixture definition
CLDATA Controls operation of the post processor
CLDIST Specifies clearance distance from the part surface
CLEARP Specifies clearance plane for retract motion
CLRSRF Specifies clearance surface for retract motion
COOLNT Current coolant definition
COUPLE Specifies synchronization of feed rate and spindle speed for threading
CUTTER Specifies a tool definition
CUTCOM Specifies tool compensation
CYCLE Specifies a canned cycle
DELAY Specifies time or revolutions of no activity
END End of program
FEDRAT Current feed rate definition
FINI End of program
FROM Motion from a specified position
GOHOME Motion to the machine's home position
GOPARK Motion to the machine's park position
GOTO Motion to a specified position
HEAD Current head definition
HOMEPT Specifies the machine's home position
INDPOS Specifies a safety position when indexing a rotary axis
LIMIT Specifies the machine's travel limits
LOCATE Preloads machine coordinate reference axes
LOAD Load an electrode, tool or part
LOADTL Select and load a tool
MACHIN Specifies the machine's post processor
MATERL Specifies the part material
MODE Specifies the machine mode
MOVARC Circular motion
MOVETO Machine coordinate specific tool motion
MULTAX Specifies multi-axis motion
OFSTNO Specifies a tool offset register
OPSTOP Optional stop of tool motion
ORIGIN Specifies machine origin in terms of part coordinates
PARKPT Specifies the machine's park position
PITCH Specifies thread pitch
RAPID Rapid motion to a specified position
RETRCT Clearance plane motion
ROTATE Specifies a table or head rotation
ROTABL Specifies a table rotation
ROTHED Specifies a head rotation
SAFPOS Specifies the machine's safe or tool change position
SELECT Specifies the selection of a tool, electrode, head, pallet or part
SELCTL Specifies tool selection for tool preselect
SEQNO Current sequence number definition
SPINDL Current spindle definition
STOP Stop or pause tool motion
THREAD Current thread definition
TOOLNO Specifies a tool definition
TORCH Toggles a torch on or off
TRANS Specifies a modal transformation of part program coordinates
TURRET Select and load a tool
UNITS Current unit of measure definition

Not Applicable ATPCL words

Word Description
$$ Post Processor Comments
ADAPTV Specifies the use of an adaptive controller
ASSIST Specifies the flow and type of cutting assist gasses
CATCHR Specifies the control and operation of a part catcher
DISPLY Specifies a CNC machine message
DRESS Specifies the dressing of a grinding wheel
HEADER Program Header
LEADER Specifies leader length
LINTOL Specifies a linear tolerance
LPRINT Specifies post listing
MCHFIN Specifies machine finish
MCHTOL Specifies machine tolerance
OP Specifies a nonmodal operation
OPSKIP Specifies optional skip
PARTNO Specifies part number
PIERCE Condition of the gas mixture for flame cutters
PPFUN Post Processor Function
PPRINT Post Processor Comments
PPTIME Post Processor Cycle Time
REMARK Specifies a remark
TLLIFE Specifies the use of tool life monitoring equipment

Unsupported ATPCL words

Word Description
AUXFUN Auxiliary or M code functions
BARFED Specifies the use of a bar feeder
BREAK Program segmentation
CALSUB Subprogram call
DEFSUB Defines a sub program call
DEFCON Defines a contour
DRAFT Specifies line styles for plotting
ENDSUB Define Subprogram end
INCLUD Specifies an include file
INSERT Specifies raw characters to be inserted into the CNC program
LETTER Plot text
SYNCTR Synchronize multiple heads
OVPLOT Over plot tool motion
PENDUP Plotter Pen Up
PENDWN Plotter Pen Down
PPLOT Plot tool motion
PREFUN Preparatory or G code functions
PROBE Specifies the setup of a probe
RESET Program reset
REWIND Program rewind
SAFETY Specifies a retract distance and direction for the emergency stop
STAN Specifies the setting angle of a lathe tool
STDYRS Controls the position of a steady rest
TLSTCK Controls the position of a tail stock
TMARK Tape mark position
UNLOAD Controls the unloading of a tool, chuck or part
VERIFY Specifies a variety of in-process probing