Predator MDC for Androidâ„¢ Software

Predator MDC for Android Software

What is Predator MDC for Android?

Predator MDC for Android is a real-time manufacturing data collection application for operators and machinists that runs on modern Android tablets and smart phones. Predator MDC for Android simplifies real-time manual data collection from machine operators and machinists with an all new touch only interface. Supports cycle time, idle time, setup time, teardown time, machine downtime and more. Predator MDC for Android improves manufacturing by supplying accurate people based events to improve operations and to make better decisions. It supports the following editions:

  • Predator MDC
  • Predator MDC Enterprise

Why use Predator MDC for Android?

Predator MDC for Android also provides real-time status for any CNC, manual machine, robot, PLC or test stand. It leverages the latest wireless networking to connect directly to the Predator MDC database. Refer to the following major features:

This solution provides a great alternative to costly PLC+HMI touch screen options. Lots of rugged Android cases and ruggedized Android devices can be used for harsh manufacturing environments.

Powerful Data Collection Features

  • New Events for manual real-time data collection
  • Touch optimized user interface
  • Portrait and landscape orientation
  • One machine or multiple machines per tablet or smart phone
  • 802.11x wireless network connections
  • Online Help
  • Real-time machine status
  • Enterprise support includes Jobs, Quantities and Custom data collection
  • Track parts and operations
  • Setup, Teardown, Machine and User downtimes
  • Android v4.01 or newer
  • Tablets and Smart Phones
  • Multiple plant profiles
  • Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle support
  • 10 International languages
  • Web Service technology
  • Temporary or Permanent Licensing with volume discounts

Easy installation

Predator MDC for Android easily installs from an APK file which can be downloaded from our website. Predator MDC for Android is not available in the Google Play Store. The easiest way to install it is to download it to each Android tablet or smart phone from our website.

Simple implementation

Predator MDC for Android connects to the Predator MDC Web Service via 802.11x wireless. From the Menu key, select Advanced Settings to specify connection and licensing details.

Predator MDC for Android - Part Numbers

Part # Descriptions
20561920 Predator MDC Enterprise Android for SQL Server
20562920 Predator MDC Android for SQL Server
20581920 Predator MDC Enterprise Android for Oracle
20582920 Predator MDC Android for Oracle

NOTE: Predator MDC for Android and Predator MDC Enterprise for Android do not support the Microsoft Access versions of Predator MDC.