Predator Utility™ software

Predator Utilities

What are Predator Utilities ?

Predator Utilities are a series of Windows services or applications that supplement and augment Predator implementations. Often Predator Utilities are bundled with Predator Services.

Predator Export™

Predator Export utility is a command line application that provides .csv export from a Predator Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access database. The Predator Export Utility is used by Predator support and service personnel as required for database migrations or conversions.

Predator File Parser™

Predator File Parser utility is a vbscript host that provides custom file translation or conversion. The Predator File Parser Utility is bundled with Predator Development Services.

Predator Import Service™

Predator Import Service is a Windows service designed to run 24x7x365 with the ability to watch folder(s) for specific trigger files or data files for transaction processing or data importing. In addition, the Predator Import Service supports customization via the following scripting languages:

  • Lua version 4.0
  • Lua version 5.1
  • Python version 2.7
  • Python version 3.3
  • Perl
  • vbScript - wscript style
  • vbScript - cscript style

The Predator Import Service also includes options to support copying or moving shop floor data files from insecure or older Windows based CNCs, CMMs, robots and test stands to secure server locations. Finally, the Predator Import Service includes the Predator Import Utility for automation of data importing and ERP/MES integrations.

Predator Import Utility™

Predator Import Utility is a command line application that provides .csv and .tsv importing to Predator Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access databases. The Predator Import Utility is used by the Windows Scheduler or the Predator Import Service. Predator Service personnel commonly use the Predator Import Utility for database migrations, conversions, ERP integrations or MES integrations.

Predator License Utility™

Predator License Utility Software

Predator License utility provides an independent troubleshooting tool to simplify and solve licensing issues. Predator Licensing utility is free for any Predator customer. The Predator License Utility is often used by Predator service and support personnel to resolve issues.

Predator MDC Export Service™

Predator MDC Export Service is a Windows service bundled with professional services by Predator field service engineers for exporting Predator MDC data in real-time. Example tags include current machine status, utilization % and OEE % per machine.
Real-time data is available to one or more ERP, MES or business applications that support JSON, MTConnect, OPC-UA and XML.

  • 24x7x365 operation via Windows Service
  • Supports an unlimited number of machines
  • Supports 40+ real-time tags per machine
  • Supports JSON, MTconnect, OPC-UA and XML application integration
  • Requires Predator MDC Enterprise
  • Includes onsite implementation and integration consulting

Customers can contact Predator Software at for details and pricing.

Predator PRemote™

Predator PRemote utility is an option for Predator DNC and MDC projects that require command line integration with a wide range of third party ERP, MES, PLM, CAD and CAM applications.

Predator Windows Utility™

Predator Windows Utility is an application commonly used by Predator field service personnel and Predator resellers to help fast track Predator implementations.

Predator Windows Utility