Predator Touch HMI™ v10 Release History

Predator Touch HMI Software

November 23rd 2015 - Predator Touch HMI v10.0.5.27 is updated

Predator Touch HMI v10.0.5.27 has been updated with an improved default install folder.

October 31st 2015 - Predator Touch HMI v10.0.5.27 is released

Predator Touch HMI v10.0.5.27 has been released. This new Windows application is a touch first HMI, Human Machine Interface, designed to replace shop floor bar code readers, QR code readers and hand held terminals. Machinists and operators love the simplicity and IT loves the ease of creating new applications and deploying them. Predator Touch HMIs run on almost all Windows editions. Predator Touch HMI simplifies real-time manual data collection, DNC and utilizing other applications with a modern touch first interface. Supports data collection for machine downtimes, scrap reasons, and more. Predator Touch HMIs can be created for assembly lines, test stands, light towers, MDC and DNC to improve manufacturing processes and operations. This solution provides a great alternative to costly PLC+HMI touch screen options. Lots of Windows tablets, PCs and laptop choices can be used for harsh manufacturing environments. Predator Touch HMI includes the following:

  • Create an unlimited number of shop floor applications
  • Touch optimized user interface
  • 3 Different button types
  • Easy to create new applications
  • Automatic sizing for all screen resolutions
  • No install required
  • Wired and wireless Ethernet support
  • Supports CNCs, CMMs, test stands and other devices
  • Works with Predator applications and 3rd party apps
  • International support
  • Windows 95 or newer
  • Affordable site license