Compare Predator RCM™ Editions

  • Predator RCM Express™
  • Predator RCM™
Predator Features RCM Express RCM
Operator Driven Machine Tending Yes No
Robot Driven Machine Tending No Yes
Microsoft SQL Server Support Yes Yes
Small, Medium and Large Lot Sizes Yes Yes
Automatic Lot History Yes Yes
Part Based Operation Yes Yes
Pallet Based Operation Yes Yes
Pallet Management Yes Yes
Multiple Parts/Jobs per Pallet Yes Yes
Remote Cycle Start Yes Yes
Automatic DNC Operation Yes Yes
Automatic Program Management Yes Yes
Rotary Table Support Yes Yes
Multiple Job/Part Queue(s) Yes Yes
Job and Part Priorities Yes Yes
Email Notifications Yes Yes
CNC Machine Support Yes Yes
CMM Inspection Support Yes Yes
Laser Marker Support Yes Yes
Part Washer Support Yes Yes
Flexible Material Handling Yes Yes
Users, User Groups & Security Yes Yes
Predator CNC Editor Integration * Yes Yes
Predator Virtual CNC Integration * Yes Yes
Lights Out Manufacturing No Yes
Tool Loading and Unloading No Yes
Eliminate Hundreds of PLC Programming Hours No Yes
RFID Support No Yes
Pneumatic Fixture Support No Yes
Automatic Door Open/Close Support No Yes
Single, Double and Triple Robotic Gripper Support No Yes
Real-time Gripper Changes prior to Part Changes No Yes
Part Serial Number Tracking No Yes
Safety PLC Compatible No Yes
CFR21 Part 11 Support No Yes
Active Directory Integration No Yes
Integrated Tool Life Management via Predator Tracker * No Yes
Integrated Machine Monitoring and Reporting via Predator MDC * No Yes

The above items are representative. A feature grid is available should additional details be required.

NOTE * Integration with other Predator applications are included with the purchase of the appropriate application.

Predator Upgrades

Predator Software provides a 100% trade-in program. Customers that own Predator RCM Express can upgrade to Predator RCM.