Compare Predator Virtual CNC™ Editions

  • Predator Virtual CNC Express™
  • Predator Virtual CNC™
Predator Features Virtual CNC Express Virtual CNC
3D Backplotting Yes Yes
3D CNC Verification Yes Yes
3D Animation and material removal Yes Yes
Supports 2-5 Axis style machines and machining Yes Yes *
Complex tooling, stock and fixtures Yes Yes
User configurable reverse post processor Yes Yes
Integrated Editor Yes Yes
Predator CNC Editor Integration * Yes Yes
G Code based Verification Yes Yes
3D Solid Model based No Yes
3D Machine simulation and collision detection No Yes *
APTCL based Verification No Yes
Export APTCL No Yes
SURFCAM INC based Verification No Yes
Mastercam NCI based Verification No Yes
Export Mastercam NCI No Yes
3D Inspection of parts, fixtures and machine components No Yes
3D Compare Designed vs. Machined No Yes *
Multiple Views No Yes
Chip Removal No Yes
Volumetric Calculations No Yes
Barfeeder Simulation No Yes
Lathe Chuck Simulation No Yes
Lathe Turret Simulation No Yes
Rotary Head Simulation No Yes
Rotary Table Simulation No Yes
Vise Simulation No Yes
API and ActiveX development platform No Yes

The above items are representative. A feature grid is available should additional details be required.

NOTE * Requires purchase of the appropriate edition or option.

Predator Upgrades

Predator Software provides a 100% trade-in program. Customers that own Predator Virtual CNC Express can upgrade to Predator Virtual CNC.