Predator License Utility™ v12 Release History

Predator License Utility Software

January 17th 2023 - Predator License Utility v12.0.23.4 is released

Predator License Utility v12.0.23.4 has been officially released. Major improvements have been made to improve Predator licensing. Refer to the following details:

  • Official v12 Release -
  • Added Windows 11 support
  • Added Windows Server 2022 support
  • Added Windows Server 2019 support
  • Added v12 style user interface
  • Added 4k screen resolution support
  • Added version number display to titlebar
  • Added button and dialog for Add License
  • Added button and dialog for Edit License
  • Added button for Refresh Info within the Products tab
  • Added display of installed Windows user within the Products tab
  • Added Sentinel tab for USB SIM validation and device driver display
  • Added Predator License Utility v12 - Reference Manual.pdf
  • Improved the display of the operating system name

This is a free utility and customers can download v12.0.23.4 of the Predator License Utility from our website at any time.