Predator CycleLock™ Hardware

Predator CycleLock Hardware

What is a Predator CycleLock?

Predator CycleLock Hardware is an affordable machine cycle control. Predator CycleLocks can be controlled via software or hardware and are easy to install. It includes magnetic mounting and I/O cable. It supports a wide range of machines. Input voltage levels can vary per digital input, but should match the machine. Choose from the following base voltage configurations:

  • 5 Volt DC
  • 12 Volt DC
  • 24 Volt DC

Why use Predator CycleLock?

  • Lock or unlock Cycle Start button via software
  • Lock or unlock Cycle Start button via digital I/O
  • Supports Predator DNC
  • Supports Predator MDC
  • Supports Predator RCM
  • Supports Predator Touch HMI
  • Supports Predator BCRs
  • Supports Predator MDC Adapters
  • Supports Predator Grizzly Cables
  • Optionally use existing RS232 cables
  • Open Architecture Not Proprietary

Installation of Predator CycleLocks

Electrical Signal Wiring

Experienced electricians or maintenance personnel are responsible for identifying electrical signals for cycle start, machine alarm and other signals as desired. These signals must be labeled and wired to an orange Wago connector that is included with every Predator CycleLock. The orange Wago connector establishes a line of demarcation. Customers are responsible for wiring machine signals to the female Wago connector. When Predator Onsite Services are utilized, Predator Field Service personnel are responsible for wiring, operation and installation of the Predator CycleLock up to the male orange Wago connector. This line of demarcation establishes a single border of responsibility and addresses any concerns over warranty, installation and operation. Predator CycleLocks operate as a separate isolated 24 volt DC based circuit from the CNC machine, robot or CMM.

Predator CycleLock - Part Numbers

Part # Description
60010005 Predator CycleLock - 5 Volt DC
60010012 Predator CycleLock - 12 Volt DC
60010024 Predator CycleLock - 24 Volt DC