Student or Demo Predator CNC Editorâ„¢
License Registration

Predator CNC Editor Software

Step by step process for student or demo license registration

After Predator CNC Editor has been installed, step through the following process to register your student or demo license:

  1. Close Predator CNC Editor, should it be running
  2. Shift+Right Click on the Predator CNC Editor desktop icon
  3. Select Run as administrator
  4. Optionally specify Windows administrator credentials and click Ok
  5. The Predator registration/upgrade dialog will appear, if not, the application will start, select Upgrade from the Options menu
  6. Type your name and school, do not leave these fields blank
  7. Type DEMO into the serial number field
  8. Leave the access code field blank
  9. Select Network Card from the license type pulldown
  10. Click the Ok button and the Predator CNC Editor splash screen will appear

NOTE: Student or Demo licenses have a 50 line CNC program limit. Should a licensing error be displayed, review the following Licensing self help support page. Finally, you do not need to run the Predator CNC Editor as an Administrator for day to day use.

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