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Predator Travelers Software Overview

Version 10 Improvements and Bug Fixes

October 25th 2012 - Predator Travelers v10.0.131 is released

This new version includes the following improvements:

  • Fixed a bug with importing duplicate work centers & cost centers
  • Fixed a bug with importing machine types and report types
  • Fixed a bug with the -password command line argument

September 19th 2012 - Predator Travelers v10.0.130 is released

This new version includes the following improvements:

  • Fixed a bug with Traveler Cover Report bar codes
  • Fixed the install to include resource files
  • Fixed the install to eliminate the reboot request
  • Fixed a bug with Access database creation
  • Fixed a bug viewing insert numbers

September 8th 2012 - Predator Travelers v10.0.128 is released

Version 10 of Predator Travelers provides more flexibility and control of paperless travelers and thier management. Significant new features include:

  • New French, German, Polish and Turkish language support
  • External configurable resources
  • New Cost Center and Work Center components
  • New Machine Type and Report Type components
  • Importing 29 component attachments
  • 3 New command line arguments
  • 100+ New permissions
  • 32 New Travelers APIs
  • Oracle 11g Express support
  • Improved Windows 7, Vista and 2008 Server support

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