Okuma THINC CNC Tool and Gage Crib Software

NEW Version 10
Predator Tracker within Okuma THINC

Why use Predator Tracker within Okuma THINC?

Leverage the power of Predator Tracker's real-time tool and gage crib management from within Okuma THINC to simplify CNC machining:

  • View tools, cutters, inserts, kits and gages within Okuma THINC CNCs
  • Determine the number of programming operations required based on actual fixtures that are in stock, on order or pending within an Okuma THINC CNC
  • Create CNC programs after confirming actual tools are in stock, on order or pending within Okuma THINC CNCs
  • Real-time Check In and Check Out within Okuma THINC CNCs to reserve tools, gages and fixtures
  • Print Bar Codes within Okuma THINC CNCs
  • Works with Okuma THINC P100 and P200 series
  • Works with Predator Tracker v11, v10, v9 and v8

Okuma THINC App Support

The following 9 optional Okuma THINC Apps are available:

  • View Tools
  • View Cutters
  • View Inserts
  • View Kits
  • View Gages
  • View Parts
  • View Jobs
  • Check In
  • Check Out

Okuma THINC Apps are free with the purchase of Predator Tracker.

Predator Tracker

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  • 45 Day Full Evaluation or
  • Unlock with Purchase

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