Recycling at Predator Software

Predator Software will properly recycle or reuse old Predator Hardware at no cost to the customer other than shipping costs to Predator Software. Customers must obtain a RMA number before shipping Predator Hardware for recycling/reuse. To get an RMA number contact Predator Software via or 503-292-7151. Old Predator Hardware must be shipped to our offices in Beaverton, Oregon USA.


Other Hardware

In addition, customers that are upgrading from a competitor's "like" hardware to Predator Hardware can also benefit from Predator's recycling program. The process for other hardware is the same as Predator Hardware and requires an RMA number.

WEEE Certificate of Compliance

The WEEE Directive establishes European Union requirements for recycling and reuse of electrical and electronic equipment. To the best of our knowledge, Predator Software's recycling program complies with the WEEE directive. Our statements regarding WEEE compliance do not extend to or apply to any product subjected to unintended contamination that would prevent proper recycling.

WEEE Compliant

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