Predator RCM™ v11 Release History

Predator RCM Software

May 24th 2019 - Predator RCM v11.1.9.12 is released

Predator RCM v11.1.9.12 has been released. This major new version includes hundreds of new improvements in machine tending and robotic manufacturing automation. The following major new features are highlighted:

  • Adds parts only and tool only style machine tending cells
  • Adds configurable big button HMI to run robot and CNC machine programs
  • Adds configurable big button HMI for robot digital I/O
  • Adds generic digital I/O only machine interface for part washers, test stands and other equipment
  • Adds optional operator electronic signatures for CFR21.11 and other compliance requirements
  • Adds optional active directory integrations for passwords
  • Adds display of user login and access level display in the statusbar
  • Adds FastTrack support for part and tool based cells
  • Adds FastTrack support for tool based cells
  • Adds optional ERP and MES integration and validation
  • Adds optional bar code scanning of paper based travelers and routers
  • Adds Mitutoyo CMM inspection module
  • Adds Acsys laser marker module
  • Adds part drawer material handling module
  • Adds advanced digital I/O based part drawer material handling module
  • Adds operator override for scrap parts
  • Adds optional common scrap reasons integration with Predator MDC
  • Adds option to maintain lot control of production manufacturing
  • Adds Fanuc CNC mill and lathe modules
  • Adds tripple gripper support to the Fanuc robot module
  • Adds Mazak CNC mill and ATC modules
  • Adds Fanuc robot looping main style robot automation and programming
  • Adds Fanuc robot UOP style operation and programming
  • Adds parts feeder style material handling module
  • Adds manual assembly station module
  • Adds Mega tool rack magazine module
  • Adds optional job setup automation which runs prior to production
  • Adds optional near end of job to improve machine tending performance
  • Adds Heidenhain CNC mill module
  • Adds chuck names to chucks
  • Adds support for 3 and 4 chucks per machine
  • Adds Microsoft SQL Server 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012 and 2008 support
  • Adds log file viewer application
  • Adds several robot, CNC machine and other tester applications
  • Adds several new PDF documents for different aspects of machine tending and automation
  • Improves software installation
  • Improves robot gripper design and user interface
  • Improves Job Queue play, pause and stop design and operation
  • Improves robot queue design and operation
  • Improves cell configuration and setup wizards
  • Improves online help

Customers on software maintenance can download and install v11.1.9.12 of Predator RCM from our ftp site at any time. Customers running v10 or older of Predator RCM should contact us at for upgrade details and pricing.