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Predator RCM Software Overview

Version 10 Improvements & Bug Fixes

April 1st 2015 - Predator RCM v10.0.4.52 is released

Predator RCM v10.0.4.52 has been released. This new version continues to improve shop floor automation of robotic manufacturing cells. Support for RFID, CNCs and robots have all been improved. Numerous improvements extend Predator RCM as a world class application for shop floor automation. Refer to the following details:

  • Improved Charmilles Robofil with indexer's ready status
  • Improved Cleaning Tank logic for job processing
  • Improved exiting the application when the database is missing
  • Improved group window with automatic saving of it's location
  • Improved rotary table communication error messages
  • Improved RFID support
  • Improved recovery from third party library failures
  • Improved startup logging
  • Improved GTR error handling
  • Improved elapsed time processing and recording
  • Improved history reporting
  • Improved Demo mode
  • Improved clearing alarms while jobs are running
  • Fixed a bug with robot initialization when the robot is not found
  • Fixed a bug with machine alarms not stopping a job

January 5th 2015 - Predator RCM v10.0.4.42 is released

Predator RCM v10.0.4.42 has been released. This new version adds 14 new features, includes 40 improvements and fixes 17 bugs. The latest release makes the following improvements:

  • Added database compacting during the repair database operation
  • Added date and time stamp logs when the database is compacted
  • Added a maximum number of log history days within the INI file
  • Added stress test option to troubleshoot intermittent problems
  • Added lock out option to magazine(s)
  • Added digital output signal support to load stations
  • Added more robot logic to load a pallet without knowing a pallet #
  • Added mixed status image for mixed status jobs in Job List Manager
  • Added improved security to all release database files
  • Added SQL.INI to provide integration options with ERP and MES systems
  • Added custom images for chucks
  • Added pallet selection to status tab for groups
  • Added an option to clear an error within a pallet in a group
  • Added Queued for ReRun status
  • Improved performance of the job queue updates
  • Improved Makino Pro 5 to stop communications when CNC disconnects
  • Improved Robofil communication with better feedback and reliability
  • Improved performance when changing job status in the Job List Mgr
  • Improved wording to compact database
  • Improve compacting notification when it has been longer than 90 days
  • Improved stress test option for magazine(s) only
  • Improved robot arm in machine logic
  • Improved GTR support
  • Improved drag & drop logic when the magazine is manually locked out
  • Improved drag & drop logic when the pallet is reserved
  • Improved multiple internal modules to utilize SQL based queries
  • Improved transaction support
  • Improved drag & drop messaging when moving pallets between chucks
  • Improved pallet move logic when multiple jobs are in the queue
  • Improved Robofil history logs
  • Improved history logs for all machines and robots
  • Improved system error 9101 processing
  • Improved magazine loading to prevent moving past a reserved position
  • Improved the maximum number of sequences within the Job Queue
  • Improved setting background color for all robots
  • Improved the robot queue to eliminate duplicate tasks
  • Improved magazine and carousel configuration to support custom titles
  • Improved duplicate task detection
  • Improved Makino Pro 5 support to DNC dependent files if needed
  • Improved Makino Pro 3 support to optionally DNC dependent files
  • Improved Robofil support to optionally DNC dependent files
  • Improved Job dispatch logic
  • Improved Fanuc Robot support with tool # and item in gripper registers
  • Improved Makino Pro 5 support with smarter cycle time detection
  • Improved detault action when machine properties are disabled
  • Improved Predator RCM compatibility with anti-malware applications
  • Improved loading time of Predator RCM
  • Improved re-running jobs on the same machine
  • Improved Presetter user interface & added several small improvements
  • Improved license hunting with the Unknown option
  • Improved abnormal shutdown detection and repair
  • Improved PLC and digital I/O support
  • Improved mouse speed within demo mode
  • Improved install
  • Fixed a bug when using 1 GTR type when both are available
  • Fixed a bug with releasing memory when the demo mode was shutdown
  • Fixed a bug with demo steps hanging within the demo mode
  • Fixed a bug with move units not saving new positions
  • Fixed a bug with save now in the Job List Manager
  • Fixed a bug with an intermitent black background during startup
  • Fixed a bug with an intermitent grey cell area during startup
  • Fixed a bug when writing to the database during a shutdown
  • Fixed a bug when Predator RCM could not update message action data
  • Fixed several user interface issues in Predator RCM
  • Fixed a bug with group statuses during position changes in the queue
  • Fixed a bug with the Robofil module when auxiliary rotary table is used
  • Fixed a bug editing order of mixed status job groups in the Job List Mgr
  • Fixed several small bugs with the Job List Manager
  • Fixed a bug when changing user permissions
  • Fixed a bug with the automatic requeue option
  • Fixed a Job dispatch 9052 system error
  • Fixed a bug with light tower support

August 4th 2013 - Predator RCM v10.0.3.12 is released

Version 10 of Predator RCM provides manufacturers the ability to automate a cell of CNC machines with or without a robot. Predator RCM v10 provides more flexibility, reliability and tighter integration with Predator MDC, Predator Virtual CNC and Predator CNC Editor. Significant new features include:

  • New Predator RCM Express application
  • Improved Job List Manager
  • Cell Configuration wizard
  • Improved Magazine and Job queues
  • Log Viewer application
  • Light Tower option
  • External Rotary Table option
  • Carousel Magazine option
  • Improved Pallet support
  • Improved Robot support
  • Improved Machine configuration option
  • New Install
  • New Demo mode
  • New Windows Vista, 7 and 2008 Server support

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