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Willemin Macodel CNCs

Who is Willemin-Macodel?

Willemin-Macodel is a Swiss CNC machine builder that specializes in advanced machining applications and automation. Their CNC machines are built to order and can be highly customized and automated. They are a great choice for medical device, consumer applications and aerospace parts.

Why use Predator RCM with a Willemin-Macodel?

Improved productivity and flexibility. As a cell controller Predator RCM will insure that the right quantity of every part is manufactured in the proper order with the lowest amount of labor. Predator RCM supports all Willemin-Macodel CNC models.

Predator RCM supports automation of a number of Willemin-Macodel functions including remote CNC program download, part load, CNC program selection, remote cycle start, part unload and CNC program deletion all via Ethernet. Predator RCM will insure that the proper flow of parts through the cell are maintained and product mix avoidance is insured.

Willemin-Macodel Automation

Predator RCM supports loading and unloading of parts on Willemin-Macodel machines via a 6 Axis Fanuc Robot. Willemin-Macodel and Predator automation engineers have worked together to develop a standard Predator RCM HMI interface to fast track turnkey automation projects. This solution eliminates thousands of hours of cell specific PLC programming. Support for Willemin-Macodel CNCs, robots, fixtures and part drawers are standard features within Predator RCM.

Add Automated Inspection

Add CMMs or other inspection machines to your cell to automate the inspection process before or after CNC machining with Willemin-Macodel CNCs. Predator RCM adds automated scheduling and machine tending to both CNC and inspection equipment. Support for Mitutoyo, Zeis, Sinteco and other inspection equipment is available.

Add Laser Marking or Part Cleaning

Add laser markers, pin stampers, part cleaning, polishing and other manufacturing equipment to your Willemin-Macodel CNC machines with Predator RCM to provide turnkey processes.

Predator RCM Overview

The above image shows Predator RCM configured to support a Willemin-Macodel designed automation cell featuring two WM 508MT CNCs, two WM drawers, one Fanuc Robot, one laser marker and two inspection machines.

Upgrade existing Willemin-Macodel CNCs

Already have a Willemin-Macodel CNC? Perhaps it is time to add some automation and improve your productivity. For more details contact sales@willemin-macodel.com

Predator RCM

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Made in the USA

Made in the USA

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