Predator FLM v10 Release History

NEW Version 10

Version 10 Improvements & Bug Fixes

August 3rd 2016 - Predator FLM v10.0.0.1 is released

This update improves the installation process it does not change the application itself.

  • Added Sentinel Protection v7.6.6
  • Improved the .NET 4.0 runtime install to be optional

February 15th 2013 - Predator FLM v10.0.0.1 is released

This new version fixes a rare issue with automatic startup on Microsoft 2008 Server within a secure VLAN enviroment. Predator FLM v10.0.0.1 now requires the Microsoft .NET 4.0 runtime.

  • Recompiled to require .NET 4.0 runtime
  • Added .NET 4.0 runtime to installation
  • Removed .NET 2.0 runtime from installation

May 6th 2012 - Predator FLM v10.0.0.0 is released

This new version makes the following improvements:

  • Adds support for Version 10 Predator Licensing
  • Adds support for Windows 8
  • Adds support for Windows 2012