Predator EditLock™ Hardware

What is a Predator EditLock?

Predator EditLock Hardware is an affordable machine Edit control. Predator EditLocks can be controlled via software or hardware and are easy to install. It includes magnetic mounting and I/O cable. It supports a wide range of machines. Choose from these components:

  • 5 Volt
  • 12 Volt
  • 24 Volt

Why use Predator EditLock?

  • Lock or unlock Edit Start button via software
  • Lock or unlock Edit Start button via digital I/O
  • Supports Predator DNC
  • Supports Predator MDC
  • Supports Predator RCM
  • Supports Predator Touch HMI
  • Supports Predator BCRs
  • Supports Predator MDC Adapters
  • Supports Predator Grizzly Cables
  • Optionally use existing RS232 cables
  • Open Architecture Not Proprietary

Predator EditLock - Part Numbers

Part # Description
60020005 Predator EditLock - 5 Volt
60020012 Predator EditLock - 12 Volt
60020024 Predator EditLock - 24 Volt