Compare Predator CNC Editor Software Editions

Predator CNC Editor is available in four editions to meet the different needs of manufacturers worldwide.

  • Predator CNC Editor Light
  • Predator CNC Editor Express
  • Predator CNC Editor
  • Predator CNC Editor Enterprise
Predator Features CNC Editor Light CNC Editor Express CNC Editor CNC Editor Enterprise
CNC Templates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Files Simultaneously Yes Yes Yes Yes
Large File Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Undo & Redo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sequence Numbers Yes Yes Yes Yes
10 International Languages Yes Yes Yes Yes
Color Highlighting No Yes Yes Yes
Color Printing No Yes Yes Yes
Bookmarks No Yes Yes Yes
Send to CNC No Yes Yes Yes
Receive from CNC No Yes Yes Yes
DNC Restart No No Yes Yes
Maximum COM Ports N/A 8 34 34
Maximum Baud Rate N/A 19,200 19,200 19,200
Backplot G Code 3D No No Yes Yes
Compare G Code No No Yes Yes
Feed & Speed Overrides No No Yes Yes
Feed & Speed Calculator No No Yes Yes
Triangle Calculator No No Yes Yes
Math Operations No No Yes Yes
Advanced Editing No No Yes Yes
Summary Information No No Yes Yes
Next & Previous Tool No No Yes Yes
Select Tool & Program No No Yes Yes
Blockskips & Comments No No Yes Yes
Bolt Hole Circle No No Yes Yes
Drill Positions No No Yes Yes
Microsoft SQL Server No No No Yes
Oracle DB No No No Yes
Cutters & Inserts No No No Yes
Cutter & Insert Materials No No No Yes
Jobs & Customers No No No Yes
Part Types & Parts No No No Yes
Users, Groups & Security Permissions No No No Yes

NOTE: The above items are representative. A seven page feature grid is available should additional details be required.

Predator Upgrades

Predator Software provides a 100% trade-in program. Customers that own Predator CNC Editor Express can upgrade to Predator CNC Editor. Customers that own Predator CNC Editor can upgrade to Predator CNC Editor Enterprise.

Predator CNC Editor

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Made in the USA

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